Birthday Rewards Clubs: How To Set It & Forget It

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Birthday Rewards Clubs: How To Set It & Forget It

Birthday Rewards Clubs: How To Set It & Forget It

Whether you are business-to-business company or business to consumer, EVERY business should have a birthday club as part of their loyalty program marketing strategy. No matter what industry you’re in every customer has a birthday. Without customers, you don’t have a business, so it’s important to celebrate their day with them!

However, a lot of the business owners I work with wonder how they can set up a birthday offer fast, and how it can run on its own by “setting it & forgetting it.”

As a birthday club member and loyal customer of  Coldstone Creamery, Sephora, and Dunkin’ Donuts, I LOVE that during the month of October, these businesses send me a birthday offer to celebrate. 

Not only is it a way to reward your loyal customers, but it’s also an excellent way to grow your email database, too! When you encourage customers to sign up, it provides something in it for them as an incentive to sign up. You could say, “Sign Up For Our Mailing List & Receive A Free Gift On Your Birthday!” Sure, they’ll receive a birthday offer that could be a discounted coupon, but they will also receive your other emails that are going to them throughout the year, keeping your business top of mind.

Whether you are offering a 50% off coupon, 15-minute massage, or free blow-dry for your special night out, a birthday club will help you increase sales all year round.

You may get 100 posts on Facebook from friends saying “Happy Birthday” but doesn’t it mean just a little bit more to you when you receive something in an email? When you give someone a birthday gift, you strengthen your relationship with that person and leave a lasting impression that they will remember for years to come.If you’re a business to business company reading this, I’m sure you’re thinking, “well, that doesn’t apply to my business. There isn’t a special offer I could give.” My company, Leave it to Lindsay, is also a business to business and having the birthday club as part of my marketing unquestionably contributes to our client retention strategy.

In my emails, I use a picture of me (shown below) holding as birthday cupcake letting them know I’m thinking of the on their special day. This email is sent to all of my friends, family, vendors, and clients.
Birthday Club
Not sure how to set a birthday club up so it runs itself? I use Constant Contact to manage and run my business’s birthday club.
The best part? As long as you enter in the customer birthday month and day, the system will automatically send the email for you whether you would like it to be one week in advance, three days, or on the day of the customers birthday. Most of the time the emails are sending while I’m in a meeting or even sleeping!
See for yourself and try a free demo of Constant Contact here . Need some help getting started? #LeaveittoLindsay to set up your birthday club as your lifetime marketing strategy while you take care of running your business.

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