How To Increase Visibility Of Your Events On Facebook

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How To Increase Visibility Of Your Events On Facebook

Instead of duplicating a Facebook event already created and recreating the wheel, with a click of a button you can add it to your Facebook business page.

First, go to the Facebook event page.

Don’t know how to find the event page?

You can search for the event in the search bar or go to the Facebook page directly and click on the EVENTS tab as shown below.

Then CLICK on the event.

Once you click on the event you’ll see all the details and three little dots to the right-hand side.

Click those 3 dots and click on “ADD TO PAGE”

You will then see a pop-up and you can choose your Facebook page to add the event to.

Don’t forget to take it ONE STEP further and select what friends to INVITE to this event.

THIS is better than simply “sharing” the event as this will trigger a Facebook notification to your friends.

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