Service Spotlight: Snapchat Filters For Businesses

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Service Spotlight: Snapchat Filters For Businesses

 Service Spotlight: Snapchat Filters For Businesses

Snapchat filters for businesses are a must have if your business has a storefront and you’re looking to attract millennials.
No, Snapchat is not just for your kids. Snapchat is the social network all millennials are using to connect with their peers all day, every day. In fact, 3.5 billion Snapchats are sent every day.
Because a Snapchat filter for your business is the equivalent to a Facebook check-in, but in a design form.
Here is an example of a customer using a business filter we did for SouthSide Tavern in Braintree. When this customer posts that, all of his friends will see SouthSide’s branding.

Even better, we change these designs for different themes and seasons for our clients so their customers never get bored of the same look.
How do you measure your return on investment?
This is a Snapchat usage report that we sent a client for a one-day event they held for their organization.
What kind of filter would YOU do? Let’s brainstorm together. Get in touch with our team and let’s brainstorm click here.

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