What To Post On Social Media

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What To Post On Social Media

What To Post On Social Media

What To Post On Social Media

The 2 Types Of Posts You Should Be Posting To Achieve Your Business Goals

Just like our homepage says, you can’t post a picture of a cat, hope it gets a dozen likes, and call that social media marketing for your business. Social media is a tool for businesses to market their business and stay in touch with customers. But, you need a social media strategy and know what to post on social media to get the results you want.

Any time my company works with a new social media client, one of the first questions we ask is, “what do you hope to accomplish with your social media marketing?”

Two sample business goals my clients have are:

  • Increase online gift card sales
  • Grow their email subscriber list

So when they #LeaveittoLindsay to take care of their social media marketing, we work towards those goals by crafting the right social media posts for their audience to read.

Here are two examples of must have social media posts towards helping you accomplish your business goals:

1. If you’re looking to grow your email database, announce when your next email is about to go out in an effort to create urgency.

“Our next email is about to go out!” Make sure you’re on the list & sign up here: http://bit.ly/LJHEmailSignUp to receive our exclusive email subscriber specials!”

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2.  If you’re looking to increase gift card sales, align your social media posts around a holiday or theme during the year to give your audience a reason they can relate to as to how your gift card fills their need.

“Valentine’s Day is just around the corner & we have the perfect gift that your significant other will LOVE!”

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What kind of posts do you post on your pages to align with your company goals? Let me know in the comments below! Short on time and need some help managing your social media? Leave it to Lindsay

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